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Blended Flavours

Peach Iced Tea by Zap eLiquid  10ml - Delivering the flavour of an all-time favourite summer beverage, Peach Iced Tea by Zap E-Liquid adds a sweet note of peaches to a bold black tea base.

Melonade by Zap eLiquid 10ml- Capturing the flavour of lemonade with litte balls of honeydew melon floating inside, Melonade by Zap E-Liquid is an experience to remember. You've never tasted any e-liquid as thoroughly refreshing as this sweet and sour delight.

Snow Pear by Zap eLiquid 10ml - If you think that you like pear e-liquids, just wait until you try one on ice! Snow Pear by Zap E-Liquid layers cold menthol over a fruity, sweet pear base.

Passionfruit Zest by Zap eLiquid  10ml - Combining two of the most sour fruits known to man, Passion Fruit Zest by Zap E-Liquid has a lemon and passion fruit flavour profile that's beyond refreshing.

Lychee Lemonade by Zap eLiquid 10ml - What do you get when you combine the sweetest and most sour fruits that you can find? If the combination in question is Lychee Lemonade by Zap E-Liquid, you get perfect balance and your next all-day vape.

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