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Team 120 eliquids are brought to us from the makers of I VG, these 100ml shortfills are a range of classic fruit flavour blends which are sweet and ripe tasting throughout. 


Blackcurrant Lemonade eliquid is an authentic tasting beverage blend. From your first vape a blackberry flavour is present with dark and sweet notes, combined with a fizzy lemonade and topped off with a cool wave of low mint.


Fantasy Lemon eliquid is a sweet and sour blend with a cool finish. Based on the popular spritzer drink the lemon is flavour is sweet with pronounced tart notes and a citrus finish, blended with low mint for a smooth finish.


Vanilla Muffin eliquid is a layered dessert blend. A rich and buttery cupcake flavour makes up the base, topped off with a sweet and creamy custard. A dash of light vanilla and cinnamon creates a smooth and sugary finish.


Apple & Raspberry eliquid is a combination of two distinct fruit flavours. The red apple is sweet with a mild tartness that’s blended with a juicy tasting raspberry. When vaped the two mix together for an authentic ripe fruit medley.


Exotic Mango eliquid is a blend packed with tropical fruit. The mango flavour is layered with sweet and sour notes, with a crisp aftertaste. There are slight tart notes creating a genuine inhale and exhale.


Pink Guava eliquid is an authentic tasting fruit blend. The body of this ejuice is made up of an exotic pink guava flavour, with a ripe tasting inhale and sweet taste note; combined with a tangy exhale for a real balance of flavour.





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