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Strawberry Milk by Superb is a nostalgia inducing creamy concoction of fresh milk and sweetened strawberries to recreate the ultimate pink milk-based beverage from childhood.

Peach Berry Lemonade by Superb is modelled after pink lemonade but with a twist, borrowing the essence of sweet delectable peaches to add to the mix between sun ripened strawberries and the tart lemonade.

Nectarberry from the Superb Royal Collection of e-Liquid is a classic parfait layered with sweet and juicy peaches, nectarines, and strawberry.

Blue Pixel’s by Superb bring you from their Royal collection a tangy sweet blue raspberry goodness that takes you right back to the last time you enjoyed your favourite pixy candy.

Apple melon by Superb is a crisp delicious mix of a fresh Fuji apple with a refreshing watermelon undertone e-liquid.

Lychee Jelly Superb presents their Lychee Jelly, a delicious and sweet jelly cup flavoured e-liquid.

Nectarberry X by Superb E-Liquids is the vape revision on the classic nectarine and peach parfait, sprinkled with sun-ripened strawberries and a light creaminess that adds depth and dimension to this dessert flavoured e-juice.

Lychee Iced by Superb E-Liquids is a icy rendition of their Lychee flavour, encapsulating the flavour of mini jelly cups perfectly, touching them gently with a hint of menthol. This is a sure favourite for any lychee lovers out there.

Apple Melon X This flavour is so good and so popular that the minds over at Superb stepped up, made this flavour into a menthol, and what we got was Apple Melon X.

SUPERB Platinum Collection White Currant 60ml comes a delicious white currant flavor, as exotic as it sounds, its sweetness and flavor are bound to add some sweet berry flavors to your daily repertoire.

SUPERB Platinum Collection White Peach 60ml comes a deliciously sweet and ripe white peach fruit that tickles the taste buds with rushes of flavor.

SUPERB Platinum Collection White Grape 60ml comes this ultra sweet white grape cuts through the rest with its super sweet flavors shining through the rest.

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