Strapped e-liquid Nic Salts 10ml - Vape Citi
Strapped e-liquid Nic Salts 10ml - Vape Citi
Strapped e-liquid Nic Salts 10ml - Vape Citi

Strapped e-liquid Nic Salts 10ml

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Nic Strength
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bubble-gum Drumstick e-liquid takes the nostalgia of gum and chewy lolly sticks. The bubble-gum flavour is most prominent on inhale with fruity notes and a sugary undertone, combined with the drumsticks there’s an increased sweetness!

Sour Apple Refresher is a tangy and sweet apple flavour which hits you from your first vape with sour notes and general sweetness. The sherbet flavour is hot on its heels and creates a fizzy exhale!

Sour Rainbow Candy is a team of mixed fruit, sour candies that will leave you seeing double rainbows!

Strawberry Sour Belts is a reel of Strawberry, with a fizzy aftertaste that will linger on your tongue

Tangy Tutti Frutti e-liquid is a blend of fruit and candy which leaves a sweet aftertaste. The fruit flavours are a combination of both sugary and tangy notes with hints of strawberry, lemon, pineapple and others

Tangy Tutti Frutti On Ice by Strapped e-liquid  - One of the great things about using natural fruit as a candy flavouring is that you can capture the fruit's full range of sweet and sour notes. Tangy Tutti Frutti On Ice by Strapped is an attempt to capture that magic in e-liquid form. You'll love this juice's blend of multiple fruit flavours given an icy cool blast for your refreshment!

Super Rainbow Candy On Ice by Strapped e-liquid - Get charged up with this super tasty, super rainbow, super frozen candy! Powered by candy, the entire Strapped e-liquids range are every bit as sublime as they sound!

Strawberry Sour Belt On Ice by Strapped e-liquid - Can't get enough sour candy e-liquids in your rotation? Strawberry Sour Belts On Ice by Strapped is the delicious tart strawberry candy e-liquid with a frozen ice blast that you've been missing

Sour Apple Refresher On Ice by Strapped e-liquid - Capturing the flavour of apple candy that's sweet in the middle and dusted with sour powder on the outside and given a cool blast of menthol freshness, Sour Apple Refresher On Ice by Strapped is the balanced apple candy e-liquid that you've been searching for.

Cool Lemon Sherbet On Ice by Strapped e-liquid - Tongue tingling lemon sherbet candy with a super cool icy blast, another fantastic e-liquid by Strapped!

bubble-gum Drumstick On Ice
 by Strapped e-liquid - Does the famous bubble-gum Drumstick lolly ever spring to your mind when you think about your favourite vintage candies? bubble-gum Drumstick On Ice by Strapped is here to help you rekindle those old memories with a twist of icy coolness.

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