SOULJAR - 60ml - 0mg

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Nicotine Strenght:

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Blended Flavours:

Honeydew Airforce Series by Souljar E-Liquids - The rich velvety taste of honeydew is specially formulated into this bottle for people who seek real and extreme challenges.

Pineapple Airforce Series by Souljar E-Liquids - Vibrant with tropical flavor, the Caribbean Pineapple has a perfect balance of sweet and tart taste.

Caramel Cereal Delta Series by Souljar E-Liquids - Burnt and malted with nutritious ingredients, the caramel cereal is the ultimate flavor for those who enjoys introspection.

Strawberry Popcorn Delta Series by Souljar E-Liquids - Is a perfect combination of the sweet, candy-like wild strawberries from Europe, buttery popcorn and milk. Favored among those with class.

Guava Guerilla Series by Souljar E-Liquids - Originated from Southern France, the guava produces a strong sweet and tropical scent essentially for energetic people.

Grape Guerilla Series by Souljar E-Liquids - The cool and frosty Sweet Jubilee grape was blended perfectly for people with high self-esteem.


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