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 Butter Me Up  by Secret Menu E Liquid 80ml Sticky-sweet notes of caramel, a buttery aroma of butterscotch, and a juicy texture of freshly sliced strawberry.

Wake Up Wake Up by Secret Menu  E Liquid 80ml  Coffee and doughnuts may not be on your daily menu if you're watching your weight, but there's always room for a doughnut on your secret menu. Wake Up Wake Up by Secret Menu delivers the flavour of a powdered sugar doughnut dipped in strong, black coffee.

Sweet Nothings by Secret Menu  E Liquid 80ml A fancy variety of creams topped off with a light drizzle of tart strawberry syrup.

Jelly? by Secret Menu  E Liquid 80ml  Mixed Berries Secret Menu by Milkshake Liquids –  Creamy butter spread liberally over a slice of perfectly crunchy toast and finished with a dollop of juicy berry jelly jam.

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