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Skir Skirr On Ice E Liquid 50ml is smooth and fruity, with a cool finish. The green apple flavour on inhale is crisp with sweet and tart notes, blended with a hint of juicy honeydew melon. A menthol exhale ties it all together for an icy end.

Antidote On Ice  E Liquid 50ml The tropics meet the orchard and fly to the arctic circle  in Antidote on Ice by Ruthless E-Liquid. In this juice, you'll taste a yummy mix of blue raspberry and mango topped with a generous helping of crisp, cool menthol.

Strizzy by Ruthless E Liquid 50ml A great fruity blend never gets old, and Strizzy by Ruthless E-Liquid is one juice that we could vape forever. Try its blend of strawberry, raspberry and kiwi.

Tropic Thunda by Ruthless E Liquid 50ml  Guava spends most of its time playing a side role in e-liquid. With Tropic Thunda by Ruthless E-Liquid, guava finally gets its chance to take center stage. You'll also taste a delightful note of berries in this wonderfully tropical vape juice.

Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless E Liquid 50ml  Coffee and cigarettes combine to form the quintessential rushed breakfast for smokers in a hurry. Though it isn't the healthiest breakfast in the world, you may look back on this times with a bit of nostalgia now that you're a former smoker. Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless takes you back to those days in vapour form.

Dulce De Tobacco e-liquid by Ruthless 50ml enjoy sweet milk notes throughout with soft, luscious amounts of creamy caramel, complete with a smooth natural tobacco taste. This sophisticated juice is bound to satisfy your palette’s innermost cravings of caramel bliss and refined tobacco. Ever so slightly puff on a thick cigar while biting into milky caramel with this magnificent e-liquid. 

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