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Strawberry Jam E Liquid  by Mr Juicer 50ml is a homemade fruity strawberry jam flavour e liquid made with love and care you will love it just as much as us! 

Blueberry Jam E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml an authentic blueberry jam with all the right juicy bits, we skip the toast and eat it straight from the jar!

Butterscotch Custard E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml Creamy Series is rich and sweet buttery butterscotch entwined with decadent milky, served up with lashings of creamy custard.

Berry Crunch Hazelnut E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml is a rare and unique combination of Blackberries, sweet Strawberries and creamy Hazelnut, leaves you wishing it was your creation!

Choco Chip Ice Cream E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml Creamy Series is a taste blend of mint and chocolate that is sure to become one of your favourites vapes.

Bull Frost E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml is an e liquid that will knock your socks off and give you the wake up you are looking for with this energy drink flavoured e-liquid.

Apple Flame E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml is strong juicy apple flavoured eliquid.

Orange Sprinkle E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml is a deliciously sweet and juicy orange flavour.

Mango Lychee E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml is sweet richness of juicy mango flavoured eliquid.

Strawberry Haze E Liquid by Mr Juicer 50ml is fusion of ripe strawberries on the inhale but it takes a backseat to tart raspberries on the exhale, making it a truly delicious fruit twist with just the right amount of zing to it.

Grape Mist by Mr Juicer E-Liquid 50ml is a  sweet mixture of 3 different kinds of grapes that is not too sweet but not too sour or artificial tasting, a perfect vape for the fruit lovers out there. It is one of the more traditional blends that Mr. Juicer makes and it is understandable as to why this is a great eliquid. Grape Mist E-liquid by Mr Juicer is available in a single 50ml fill bottle that originates from Malaysia.

Strawberry Apple by Mr Juicer E-Liquid 50ml  A fruity blend of juicy strawberries and crunchy apples.

Ocean Blue by Mr Juicer E Liquid 50ml - Dive into the deep blue with this sweet blend of melons and the Mr Juicer touch of cooling!

Breeze Grape by Mr Juicer E Liquid 50ml - Enjoy the tantalizing taste of juicy dark and red grapes given a cool breeze of minty freshness, a Malaysian staple!

Mix Berry by Mr Juicer E Liquid 50ml - Who doesn't love the taste of mixed berries? When it's done Mr Juicer style with a cool mint taste, you won't be able to resist!

Mango Wave by Mr Juicer E Liquid 50ml - Mango Wave by Mr Juicer E Liquid is an exotic blend of mango and light guava with a hint of mint

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