Milk King Vape Juice - 120ml

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Milk King

120ml (100ml Shortfill)

70% VG and 30% PG.


Milk King Vape Juice Strawberry is a sweet and smooth glass of strawberry milk. This ejuice washes down well at all times and is tasty on every inhale.

Milk King Vape Juice Cereal is a bowl loop cereal that sits high in the bowl because of the cold milk poured on top. Fruity cereal turns the milk sweet and gives a taste that works well all day.

Milk King Vape Juice Chocolate is a a rich full flavored glass of smooth delicious chocolate milk. It is an ejuice that is creamy and full of velvet taste.

Milk King Vape Juice Honey is the special flavor blend of sweet honey and fresh milk. The honey is sweet and light. Milk brings it an airyness to the flavor that is unique an addictive.

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