Got Milk 100ml - Vape Citi
Got Milk 100ml - Vape Citi
Got Milk 100ml - Vape Citi
Got Milk 100ml - Vape Citi

Got Milk 100ml

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The perfect hit for those with a sweet tooth, choose from strawberry, chocolate, banana or vanilla milkshake - all authentic tasting flavours, providing a creamy and satisfying hit which will take you back to your childhood. 

Mix & Match Available

Got Milk?

Banana Milkshake has only the ripest Banana's to make the best milkshake! Reminiscent of your favourite brand, this sweet and decedent shake will make you shout 'yahoo!' on every pull!

Vanilla Milkshake is the smoothest and most authentic vanilla milkshake around! This delivers as much punch as if you just ate straight from the pod!

Strawberry Milkshake is a sweet delectable strawberry treat made to transport you straight back to your childhood! Equal amounts of strawberries and cream make this a pleasure to vape!

Chocolate Milkshake is a sinfully creamy chocolate milkshake. This comforting cacao treat will give you a nostalgia trip like no other!

You will receive a 120ml bottle, filled with 100ml of Nicotine free e liquid. You can also have the option to purchase Nicotine Shots. Mixing 2 Nicotine shots into the 120ml bottle will make your liquid 3mg, negating the need to purchase the 10ml pre-mixed bottles.

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