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Fantastic vape juices in super interesting soda can packaging, Fizzy e-juice by Mohawk & Co is best known for their drinks flavours. The Fizzy collection currently boasts a range of fruity and creamy-based e-liquids. Whether you like milk tea or cola, there’s something in the line-up for you. The Fizzy e-Liquids are made in Malaysia by Mohawk & Co.

Blended Flavors:

  • Grape: A delicious grape flavour with an added fizzy twist.   
  • Honeydew: The taste of sweet honeydew, honeydew and more honeydew! Perfectly blended with low cooling effects.
  • Pineapple: Simply the best authentic pineapple flavour on the market.
  • Wild Berries:A delicious mixture of three secret forest berries, making it sweet and fruity.
  • Kola:The taste of the famous cola flavor with a touch of fizziness. Blended with medium-low cooling sensation.
  • Orange:A juicy orange fizzy drink blended with a low mint cooling sensation.
  • Bull: The taste of the famous redbull drink with actual feeling of fizziness. Blended with medium-low cooling sensation.
  • Strawberry: A sweet strawberry flavoured fizzy drink blended with low mint undertones.
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