Charlies Chalk Dust – Black Label 50ml

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Charlie’s Chalk Dust have been created with the intention to bring a great selection of tasty flavours to the market, these e-liquids are finest vapor liquid crafted to perfection. elegantly smooth blends of savory and sweet flavors, Charlie’s personifies the simple things. The Charlie Chalk Dust is originated from the Orange country in California, it started with a young boy Charlie the solicitor who had a single goal, to help the customer make a buying decision.  the story behind Charlie’s Chalk Dust is fascinating to say the least and has brought to life a vivid and charming brand that has an original take on vaping.

Blended Flavours

  • Black Label: Black is the original lineup of Charlie’s Chalk Dust eJuice with a focus on the fruitier side of your palette.

Look for any flavour of your choice we have it all for you and that too original items, we value you

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