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Candy King Eliquid are an American eliquid company who are well-known around the globe as being producers of premium e juice that outrank many others. Their E liquid is a selection of each of your favourite childhood candy’s to give you the best vaping experience. Each flavour is accompanied by an Ice version for that extra special cooling sensation. Full of flavour, these liquid flavours are a must!

Blended Flavors:

Candy King On Ice Batch
Batch by Candy King is a rendition of the delicious Sour Patch candy. This e-juice is a fusion of fruits with alongside hints of sour and menthol. With this sweet and tarty vape you’ll find yourself wanting more.
Candy King Belts Strawberry
Belts Strawberry E-Liquid by Candy King ejuice is your favorite sweet and sour strawberry chewy candy coated with crystallized sugar.
Candy King Belts Batch
Batch by Candy King eJuice is a sweet and sour candy confection that features a fruity collection of sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime sour patch and sprinkled with sugar
Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum
Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King eJuice is a yummy rendition of your favorite strawberry and watermelon bubblegum. So close in flavor, you’ll be tempted to chew your vapor.
Candy King On Ice Swedish
Swedish by Candy King On ICE eJuice delivers an added icy chill element of menthol to everyone’s favorite fish-shaped chewy wine gum candy.
Candy King On Ice Belts Strawberry
Belts Strawberry Ice E-Liquid by Candy King E-juice is your favorite sweet and sour strawberry chewy candy with a cool menthol finish.
Candy King Peachy Rings
For those with a sweet tooth, these Sugar coated candy rings flavoured with peach notes is a must, fruit sweet and a perfect all day vape.
Candy King Pink Squares
Taken from your favourite pink squares candy this mouthwatering, sweet vape is bursting with chewy goodness and will leave you wanting more.
Candy King Lemon Drops
For those with a sweet tooth, mouthwatering lemon candy drops are the perfect zingy flavour. Definitely a favourite all day vape!
Candy King Sour Worms
Sour Worms by Candy King eJuice is an exquisite concoction of the classic gummy crawlers, with a burst of fruity flavors that delivers a sensational sweet and sour profile.
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