BamBam’s Cannoli 100ML

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Original Cannoli by BamBam’s Cannoli 100ML is a delicious vape juice that is filled with the traditional flavor of cannoli infused with key lime and covered in fruity cereal bits and a dollop of whipped cream! E Cigarette Empire is stoked to share this one with you guys. If you’re looking for a mix between breakfast and dessert, you’ve definitely come to the right e juice flavor.


Captain Cannoli by BamBam’s Cannoli 100ML is a special treat of an e juice that will make you think you’ve been transported straight to Italy! In this premium e liquid you will experience a flavor so rich and tantalizing you won’t want to put it down. Captain Cannoli is profiled to taste like a cannoli filled with vanilla cream and rolled through crunchy cereal


Birthday Cannoli by BamBam’s Cannoli 100ML. This premium e liquid is profiled to taste like a delicious birthday treat of a perfectly baked cannoli with vanilla icing covered in rainbow sprinkles and topped with some whipped cream. 


Strawberry Cannoli by BamBam’s Cannoli 100ML is a delectable e liquid that tastes like a cannoli filled with fresh sugary strawberry icing. You are going to make this your new all day vape in no time! This premium full bodied e liquid is one for the history books!

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