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Dr Frost Nic Salt Range (20mg Nicotine)
Nicotine Salts are a form of nicotine using natural ingredients. Nicotine Salts eradicates the feeling of a saw throat like regular nicotine-infused juices but still gives the nicotine rush you desire. 


Apple Cranberry ICE 
Sweet Apple with a light Cranberry undertone creates the perfect icy salt.

Cherry ICE 
Juicy cherries are stored in the Arctic and delivered to the Frost’s lab then blended into this amazing cherry ice.

Energy ICE 
Your favourite energy drink in a cold icy salt.

Grape ICE 
 Lose your head in the frozen grape tundra & sweet purple icicles.

Honeydew Blackcurrant ICE 
Dr Frost Honeydew & Blackcurrant is here to cool you off on these sunny warm days to keep you cool and refreshed.

Orange Mango ICE 
A glacial blend of crisp tangerine and frozen mango. Prescribed for that ultimate white-out feeling.

Strawberry ICE 
Plucked straight from the permafrost then crushed into juicy, red ice lollies. This cool refreshing strawberry treat is just what the doctor ordered.

Watermelon ICE 
Refreshing watermelon flavour packed with jumbo ice cubes for that well deserved refreshing vape.
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