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Fogg Father line of e-Liquids is one of the popular UK brands who offer a wide range of 50/50 e-liquids and max VG e-liquids. Fogg Father are famous for the Malaysian range of e-liquids

Blended Flavours:


Mango's originating all the way from Malaysia, giving you a rich and fruity taste, making your vaping experience better by each puff you take. Mango and a hint of mint is the ultimate summer vape if you're after something fresh and fruity.

Grape 50ml E-liquid will be like no other Fruity e liquid you have ever tried! Sweet and fruity, grape flavoured e juices make a delightful all day Vape... But this grape e-liquid is one of a kind coming from Malaysia you will taste the Sweet yet freshness within this e-juice. Some of the juiciest of grapes have been used and the koolada of very low mint have been infused to give you the perfect juice!

Lychee 50ml E-liquid will be like no other Lychee e liquid you have ever tried!! For fans of Lychee Vape juices this could be your next all-day Vape! This lychee e juice presents a juicy, sweet and tropically exotic Lychee flavouring. Giving you a sweet taste of fresh Lychees and a slight hint of mint that will make the crowd go wild! On a sweet summers day, this is the juice to vape! 

Strawberry Cheesecake 50ml E-liquid will be like no other Strawberry cheesecake e liquid you have ever tried! A creamy cheesecake filling with a sweet rich biscuit base topped with delicious strawberries. This is the perfect e-liquid for dessert lovers, not being to sickly this is something you can Vape day to day. We aim to provide the best vaping experience with a flavour that taste like no other, this rich flavour will make you feel like you are having the a piece of the real thing and of course without all the mess! 


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