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Twelve Monkeys is an international multi-award winning the line of e-liquids, bringing you some of the best-tasting flavours on the market.

Harambae - 80 VG Grapefruit / Blood Orange / Lemon / Lime / Guava

Matata - 80 VG Grape / Apple

Macaraz - 70 VG French Macaron / Raspberry / Almond

Bonogurt - 80 VG Mixed Berries / Yogurt

Kanzi - 80 VG Watermelon / Strawberry / Kiwi

Mangabeys - 80 VG Pineapple / Mango / Guava

O-RangZ - 80 VG Fruity Cereal / Milk

Tropika - 90 VG Lychee / Papaya / Passion Fruit

Congo Cream - 70 VG Strawberry / Vanilla / Cream

Hakuna Iced by 12 Monkeys E Liquid 50ml A selection of Fuji and Granny Smith Apples, juicy and delicious, in perfect harmony with a Cranberry finish. Refreshing and balanced.

Kanzi Iced by 12 Monkeys E Liquid 50ml likes to hang out at the beach and knows how to keep cool! Experience our award-winning watermelon, strawberry and kiwi blend, now on ice

Nikko Iced by 12 Monkeys E Liquid 50ml have brewed up their favourite blend of watermelon and lemonade with crushed ice! Experience this light and revitalizing vape while relaxing in the hot springs!

Matata Iced by 12 Monkeys E Liquid 50ml has a wise monkey secret to beat the heat! Kick back this summer with a refreshingly bold blend of ice cold grapes and slices of juicy apples!

Sabaeus Iced by 12 Monkeys E Liquid 50ml from the coastal regions introduce their secret recipe for staying cool. A complex and vibrant sorbet with zingy notes of raspberry, lime and a hint of pineapple!

Hakuna by 12 Monkeys E Liquid 50ml is a moreish sun ohm medley of juicy apple with crisp, seasonal cranberry. This juice the perfect blend for apple fiends, administering layer after layer of refreshing red and green apple with flavour so accurate and convincing, you can almost hear it crunch!


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